The Easiest Ways to Market your Blog on a Budget

In this post we will talk about the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget.

So, lets get into it.

It all starts like this:

You start your food blog (or other blog).

You’re excited, you’re super pumped, you’re creating on it at least 2-3 times a week

…but you’re just not seeing growth.

Questions you may ask yourself.

What can you do to grow your blog?
How can you get your blog out there so the rest of the world will see it?

You need to consider a few things…

– Posting a million times per week on your blog does NOT make a difference.

If you’re not getting your material out through effective marketing, doesn’t matter if you post once, twice, or even 20 times a week.

-Posting your blog on your personal facebook/pinterest/twitter pages will not drive the traffic you are looking for. Unless, let’s say you’re a celebrity with millions of followers, you need a better solid-working plan.

-If you’ve tried to start up your blog on your own and have not solidified the foundation for your blog, then maybe you need to back track and establish a strong blog foundation before marketing your blog out to the world. For that, read our post about how to make money as a food blogger or other blogger.

If you’re a food blogger, you can also take a look at Pinch of Yum’s Monetize your food blog ebook- great advice from a great full-time blogger with a lot of experience and success. Her ebook is sure to help you on your way to succeeding as a blogger and ultimately, making money from it.

Then, come back to this post for successful marketing tips.

If you’re ready to move one, let’s be honest, you need a marketing plan- one that will drive traffic to your blog with minimum budget.

A marketing plan that YOU can take care of on your own without assistance.

Because we all know assistance takes money… and we can’t afford that kind of assistance right now as a newbie blogger.

I worked for a time as a marketing specialist and every time we would reach out to a new client, our minimum charge for the work we did was about $400-$800.

And that was just for a towing client.

That being said, marketing costs money-especially if someone else is assisting you with it.

So, your best bet is learning how to market on your own-figuring out what techniques will work best to grow your own blog.

Put your blog out there. Have the world see your blog as it is.

Then, once you start profiting from it, you can decide if it’s worth it to pay someone else to continue marketing the blog for you.

Other blogging resources to take a look at:

10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make- Free Ebook

Make Money Blogging at ANY Level

What is required of you to have a successful low-budget marketing blog?

It might sound crazy, but it is possible.

All that is required on your part is…time.

You’re going to have to give up a lot of time to market your blog out to the world in various ways, whether it be through Facebook, Pinterest or any other networks that support bloggers.

But if you’re ready to do this-

If you’re committed to giving your blog-marketing consistent effort and time, then you can be successful.

I would suggest establishing a strong foundation for your blog with a couple posts then moving onto your blog marketing techniques.

Dedicating a few hours per day for blog work AND an additional few hours for blog marketing will greatly benefit your blog.

Want a FREE daily low-budget marketing plan printable?

Daily Low Budget Marketing Plan

I’ve separated your low-budget marketing options(and how to use them) into two categories:

-Social media

-Other networks

Low-Budget Marketing Social Media:


Pinterest is, in my opinion, the #1 blog share network- it’s done great things for me and is one of the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget.

My pins get great views and shares which in turn, drives traffic to my own site.

Pinterest works as a search engine with keywords being one of the most important factors for success.

If you want to be successful with pinterest, start a profile for your blog with your blog name and make it clear to others what your website is about in the description.

For example, I chose a clear image that is close up and personal as my profile picture for pinterest. My pinterest’s name is Mommy Lair and I specify my profile is about food recipes. In the description I go into detail about how you will find favorite family-friendly food recipes if you look at my profile.

Follow the example below.

The easiest ways to market your food blog or any other blog on a budget

Once you establish your profile, and apply for rich pins, you need to join pinterest group boards.

You can do this by joining facebook groups where other pinterest users advertise their own pinterest groups. Type “pinterest groups” on the facebook search bar to find facebook pinterest groups to join.

One such group is the Pinterest Marketing board or the pinterest group boards group.

I have also advertised my own group boards in these groups and asked for contributors to my group boards.

When others ask for contributors to their boards in the same niche you are in, make sure to comment and give them your pinterest email so you can get added to those groups.

As you do this, you will get added to more and more boards that you can contribute to using your pinterest account.

I am consistently growing on pinterest as I find new boards to join, manually post my pins about 10-20 times per day on pinterest( or more) and I use tailwind to help me post to my pinterest groups continually throughout the day.


I would not be able to continually post throughout the day because i’m a mom and I get so busy…so that’s where tailwind comes in.

Tailwind is one of the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget.

Tailwind figures out when the best times are to post and posts for you. All you do is schedule what and when to post and add the recommended time slots on your schedule.

In addition, you get access to tailwind tribes where you can post even more pins in even more places.

You can set a day and time to schedule all your posts with Tailwind.

Tailwind saves you so much time and helps you to grow since you are posting consistently.

I pay around $22 per month for tailwind but you can purchase the yearly deal with no posting pin limits for about $100 something.

Without tailwind, I would not grow consistently.

However, it’s hard to believe results without seeing them for yourself.

If you’d like to give tailwind a try for FREE, see how it can save you time and grow your own pinterest, apply to tailwind and get a free month.

When you invest in your blog growth, you see results.

Once you establish your profile and start posting consistently, using tailwind and manually pinning, you are sure to see growth, clicks on pins and ultimately, traffic to your own blog.

2. Facebook

After establishing a facebook page and gaining a few followers, I don’t think facebook has helped me out with traffic when it comes to just posting on my facebook page.

I can post a ton on my facebook page, but I won’t be getting much traffic from it.

What facebook DOES help me with is help with pinterest (some of which I mentioned earlier in this post), guest posting/sponsored post opportunities, round-up post opportunities and a lot of blog post shares.

Facebook helps with pinterest group boards

How does facebook help with pinterest?

As mentioned earlier in this post, facebook is a great support when it comes to finding pinterest group boards.

If you type, “Pinterest group boards” in the facebook search bar, you will find groups to join.

Inside each of these facebook-pinterest groups, you can request collaborators to your pinterest boards you created as well as get added to other group boards related to your niche.

Get added to as many boards in your niche as you can to help your pinterest grow as fast as possible.

Facebook helps with finding guest posting and sponsored post opportunities

I have found that certain facebook groups help with finding guest posting opportunities.

These groups must relate to your niche.

You can find groups related to your niche by typing “name of your niche group boards”

I would type, “food group boards” since I am a food blogger.

For food Bloggers, here is a food group board that is great for finding food opportunities: FBC Social Sharing

Facebook helps with round-up posts

Roundup posts are posts that allow you to share information from several bloggers for one specific topic.

Let’s say you wanted to do a roundup on gluten free muffin recipes.

You would collect muffin recipes from several bloggers and write a blog post, linking back to other blogger’s blog posts with the recipes on them.

This method gives other bloggers backlinks, which is a bonus for other bloggers.

Since you are linking to other bloggers, they in turn, will share your post.

So you get double the shares for one post!

More shares= more views=more traffic

Look for groups on facebook in your niche and ask if they do roundup opportunities in each of these groups.

A great group for food-recipe related roundups would be FBC Social Sharing.

Facebook helps with blog post shares

In addition to niche-specific facebook opportunities, facebook can help with sharing a lot of your content and getting your blog more views.

Again, you find these opportunities through groups you join.

One such group, New Support Group for Women, helps to get your blog more traffic, through click-throughs to your blog, pinterest shares, facebook likes, facebook shares…you name it!

When you use facebook to find groups, you will market your blog for free in so many beneficial ways!

3. Instagram

I have used instagram for my blog.

Pictures are great for instagram and especially if you’re a food blogger.

Pictures on instagram get your blog out there and noticed by others, especially if you have a large following.

However, I would stick with facebook and pinterest to really grow your blog and promote yourself.

Low Budget Marketing Networks:

1.Viral Content Bee

A great network that is free, great for shares and provides one of the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget.

You can post your own work and get your work shared by other bloggers.

You need to share other’s work to gain credits.

You use the credits you gained from sharing other’s work to get your work seen and shared by other bloggers.

You also have the option to interact with other bloggers.

Does require time on your part to share other’s work so your work can be shared, but it is a great tool.

2. Biz Sugar

Similar to viral content bee, in that others are sharing your work. If you are blogging about business or growing your business in any way, this is a great option!

Even if you are a food blogger, you can post about growing a food blog or a food business and promote using biz sugar.

3. Photo/Recipe Sharing

For food bloggers, this is a beneficial way to get your recipes out there and for some backlinking to your website.

Some sites are easier to get your recipe into than others, but when you do, it can help out your traffic.

Other sites, such as instructables accepts other niche photos, not just food recipes.

Here are some programs you can post to that will promote your blog and drive you more traffic:

Kitchen Thyme





Finding Vegan



My Recipe Magic

Healthy Aperture

Yum Goggle

As you market your blog, work hard to get it seen by the world, and are consistent about it, you will see success.
The easiest ways to market your blog on a budget can be easy-

we are here to make it easier for you!

Download our FREE marketing schedule printable to make your daily low budget marketing plan an organized, and easier to-do!

Daily Low Budget Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve got some more work to do to market your own blog on a budget, get to it friend and let us know how it goes!

We hope you liked our post, the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget!

the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget

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the easiest ways to market your blog on a budget

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