Michelle P. Photograph

We offer photography services for families, couples and individual portraits in the Dallas, Texas area.

Michelle P. Photograph

A little bit about Michelle P. Photograph.

We specialize in outdoor portraiture, including families, and couples. These may include family photos, couples photos, and/or individual portraits. We also offer some indoor portraiture for children( near a large window in the home). Scroll down for a link to schedule a day and time for a photoshoot.

Michelle P. Photograph

Photoshoots are scheduled 1 to 1/2 hours in the evening before sunset on that given day. That is the best time for lighting for the photos. We might be able to work around a morning time on a weekend, but that is not encouraged- evenings are best!

Locations are flexible- Michelle P. Photograph can pick or you can pick the location. However, if you pick the location, you need to let us know where you choose to go a few days before the shoot.

Michelle P. Photograph

We offer 3 main packages:

A.1 shoot, 1 location(within 1-10 miles of flower mound), no time limit, printing rights for all photos I deliver online through the online service: pixieset AND 10 lightly-edited photos(no facial or eye editing included)=$150

B.1 shoot, 1 location(within 1-10 miles of flower mound), no time limit, printing rights for all photos I deliver through the online service: pixieset AND 20 lightly-edited(no facial or eye editing included) photos=$240

C.If you want a specific # of photos, we can do $60 per lightly-edited photo(no facial or eye editing included)

**If you would like detailed editing(which includes popping of the eyes)=$5 extra per photo edited

***Travel over 10 miles outside Flower Mound is an additional $20.

Michelle P. Photograph

Anything else you need to know before scheduling a photoshoot?

  • Payment is due on the day of the photoshoot-I usually take around 2 weeks to deliver photos(depending on how many you paid for). We accept cash or check.
  • I’m very flexible and you can specifically tell me what kinds of photos you want or are looking for and I can take those for you (for example: just shots of your kids, or just headshots, etc.)
  • You have the option of selecting the photos you want me to edit. I will share around 30 photos with you and you can pick and choose which you’d like me to edit. Or if that’s too complicated for you, I can choose what I deem to be the best and edit those for you!
  • I deliver photos via an online service, called pixieset, where you can download from there. Make sure to download the edited photos right away. After 7 days, the photos may be deleted off of pixieset.
  • You can choose to print off the photos I deliver to you anywhere you want, although I recommend high-quality printing. Read about where to find high-quality printing
  • Use the following printing rights page if you need for printing purposes:
Michelle P. Photograph-4

What should you wear to the photoshoot?

Read about what to wear to a photoshoot

Michelle P. Photograph

Want to see more samples of our work?

Look at more samples of Michelle P. Photograph and their photography.

Check out our facebook page.

Michelle P. Photograph

Ready to schedule a time with Michelle P. Photograph for the photoshoot?

Click to schedule a time for the photo shoot with Michelle P. Photograph or contact me directly!!

We are excited to work with you!

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