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How to make money as a food blogger or other blogger might be on your mind when you are first starting out with a blog. Making money as a food blogger or any other blogger takes time and consistent effort. Let’s be honest, sometimes you will feel like giving up and other times you will feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s all about perseverance and hard work.

When you’re first starting your blog, you might be starting it just as a hobby, or maybe even a side hustle.

Either way, it’s important to think strategically about your blog, in case you decide to get serious with it later on.

Questions to ask yourself when you’re first starting out.

What are your goals for your blog?

What design do you want your blog to have?

What feel do you want for your blog and for those reading your blog?

How will you solve a problem for others through your blog?

That last question is a big one if you want to get into making money from your blog because instead of thinking about yourself and your personal blogging hobby, you are focusing on others and how you can help them.

How can your blog help somebody else-what’s so special about it?

In my experience, that is what blogging is all about- helping others solve a problem in some way so they will be drawn to your content you are blogging about.

What types of problems can you solve for your readers?

They can be as simple as helping them to decide which breakfast cereal is the best to eat every morning or simply making their life easier by providing them with an organized step-by-step checklist for making a difficult recipe.

Ultimately, if you’re not focusing on the needs of your readers, you won’t get any readers that will stick or that will share your informative posts.

Once you decide how you will solve other’s problems, then you can confidently get started with a money-making blog, knowing you will make a difference in the lives of your readers.

Other resources to take a look at:

10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make – Free eBook!

Make Money Blogging at ANY Level

I highly suggest looking into Make Money Blogging at ANY level so you can have a foundation for your blog and can figure out how to focus in on your specific niche and make some money from your blog in the future.

If you’re a food blogger, you can also look at Pinch of Yum’s ebook, Monetize your food blog. I really look up to Pinch of Yum and her successful food blog. If you want to be successful and make money from a good blog, check out her ebook!

When you want to start your blog and hope to make money off from it in the future. it’s important to start off the blog on the right foot…

make money as a food blogger

How to start a blog.

There are two ways you can start a blog.

You can go at it on your own or you can pay someone to teach you how to start a blog.

The benefits of having THE RIGHT person help you start up your blog is that your blog will start off quickly and easily.

It can take years to figure out how to configure a blog and make it function properly with the right plugins, functions, etc.

Not to mention how long it will take to try and figure out how to make money from a blog on top of that.

I’ll be honest, I decided to skip trying to figure out how to start up a blog and I paid for a step-by-step course to help me out.

This saved me loads of time and effort.

I purchased the Blog By Number Course.

It wasn’t too expensive, just about $100 something bucks.

When compared to other trainings and classes i’ve taken, this was peanuts.

I saw it as an investment for my future.

The how to start a blog training saved me a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what plugins were best to use for my blog and how exactly to set it up to make sure I was successful with it right from the start.

The Blog by Number training I took also went into how to start with affiliate links and how to start using the pinterest strategy to helping my blog grow. It was simply laid out and a great start for my blog.

I chose to use wordpress for my blog.

You can create a beautiful website with WordPress.  It is easy to use, free to start up with and I love how you can add plugins for anything you need to add to your site.

…Whether it be adding a recipe maker or a social media sharing plugin, you can find all kinds of free plugins that really enhance your site and make it stand out.

When you use wordpress, you need to pick a host for your site.

I use siteground for my wordpress host- which I highly recommend.

Siteground customer service is 24/7 and siteground has never crashed unexpectedly, two very important details to look for in a host.

I paid $94.15 for the YEAR for siteground. That’s about $7.00 per month.

Like I said, peanuts to invest in your own online business.

Thousands of bloggers use both wordpress and siteground for their blogs.

Take a look at a comparison of blog hosts to help you pick the right one for your blog.

If you’ve already picked a host but want to switch to siteground, it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Transfer your bluehost blog to siteground.

Again, I would highly recommend using wordpress and then siteground for your host.

So, you’ve finally picked a course and/or figured out how to blog and started your blog off in the right direction.

Whew! That took a whole lot of time!

At least it did for me- like months.

Then again, I do have kids to take care of and I can’t dedicate full-time to my blog.

In any case, working on a blog is no picnic, but if you stick at it, you will see results.

Once you’ve created your blog with a solid foundation you can finally get to the exciting stuff…the CREATING and the MONEY making part.


As a blogger, you have the ability to create on your own blog and make a difference for your readers.

It’s fun to see how other’s benefit from your creativity.

For example, if you create recipes and post them on your blog, you may start to see positive comments that others make about how delicious and perfect the recipes turned out.

Make Money

You get to decide how to bring in money from your blog.

This is where you need to make a plan for bringing in money.

We’ve created a FREE guideline to help you make money from your food blog-some of which can be applied to any other blog niche.

Get the Top Ways to Make Money from your Food Blog Guideline Printable. It’s FREE!

In my experience, i’ve found that guest blogging, affiliate links and ads have been the best ways to bring in money as a food blogger and will help you to make money as a food blogger.

Guest Blogging

To get started with guest blogging, find facebook groups in your niche… and join them!

Facebook groups are an amazing support and a way for you to get to know other bloggers going through the same struggles as you.

It’s a place where you can ask questions about your blogging and how to become more successful.

Some bloggers in each of the groups are very experienced and can help you out a ton.

A personal favorite facebook group of mine for food bloggers is the FBC Social Sharing group.

If you type, “FBC Social Sharing Group” in the facebook search bar, you can request to be added to it and it is a great way to market yourself and find guest blogging opportunities!

Do the same for other groups, some of which you can find on our free printable below and you’ll have an entire network of support groups that will help you to succeed.

Get the free printable now.

Top Ways to Make Money from your Food Blog Printable

Affiliate Links

There are various affiliate links that will help you to make money as a food blogger, or other blogger.

Here I will list a few that i’m working with.

ShareAsale: find various stores and companies to work for and advertise their links to help you generate income. You can find various networks to work with through this program, such as food -related networks, business networks, jewelry, food subscription boxes, ebooks- even Pinch of Yum! I highly encourage you to set up a free account with them and start applying to affiliate programs through shareasale. It’s free to sign up with them, and then all you have to do is advertise their programs using social media and your blog/site. 

Amazon Affiliates Program: Find various food products or other products and link to them within your posts- it’s great to use this program because Amazon has a positive reputation, you will most likely get accepted if you apply and there are SO many products to advertise!

Here is a step-by-step guide about the Amazon Affiliates program that you will find helpful if you decide to start up with the Amazon program (affiliate link!)

A Modern Homestead(affiliate link): Advertise food related and money-making affiliate ebooks. The link will take you to one of her ebooks that you can potentially sell if you sign up for her program.

Rakuten: similar to sharAsale-find companies to advertise on your blog

WordPress: share with the world how awesome wordpress is and make some money while you’re at it!

Siteground Web Hosting: tell people about the siteground host (especially if you use it) and let others know the benefits of hosting wordpress with it.

These are all great programs for food bloggers that will monetize your blog and can bring in a lot of money if used correctly.


Ads are the third way to make good money from a food blog, or other blog.

There are several ad agencies to look at that will help you make money as a food blogger.

Something to keep in mind is it’s better to apply when you’ve established some form of following.

If you apply right away, you may not earn anything or much at all at the very beginning.

A few ad agencies to take a look at when you’re ready:

Google Adsense: You earn a very small amount from this ad agency, especially if you have a small following, but they are easy to work with and you get some ads on your page which is a bonus if you want to make something! Make sure you follow their rules, including how many ads to post on one page. Read about the adsense rules.

Gourmet Ads: Accepts you, even with a smaller following. Be aware, their ads may slow down your site a little bit, but they provide assistance so you can talk it over with them and figure out what would work best on your site. They have great customer service when you file “tickets” and they respond pretty quickly. They provide video ads on your site as well as other ads and they are great to work with.

Mediavine: You need a large following to get accepted into their program but the pay is great once you do and they are great to work with.

Now that we’ve covered how to make money as a food blogger, learn how to market your blog for FREE!

Marketing your blog is important if you want others to see it. If you don’t market your blog, through social media or other forms, you won’t make money as a food blogger (or any other blogger) because no one will see your blog.

~Read about the easiest way to market your blog on a budget

All in all, work hard, write content, network with other bloggers and apply, apply, apply to programs.

Set goals, push yourself- you’ll get where you want to be and make money as a food blogger or other blogger.

make money as a food blogger

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make money as a food blogger

Disclosure: Affiliate links are used throughout the blog post and do not affect you in any way if you click on them- Feel free to shop around for the best deals!

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