Easy No Bake Summer Meals

Let’s talk about these easy no bake summer meals! I live in Texas and the weather can get pretty hot around here. The other day, it went up to over 100 degrees and another time, I could feel the heat burning down onto my forehead as I walked into a grocery store. Whew! What hot memories!

Not to mention, I’m pregnant right now so I feel double the heat on any summer day.

What do you cook on hot summer days?

Obviously, popsicle sticks and icecream everyday is not the healthiest option for you or for your family…

We’ve got the answer for ya- easy no bake summer meals. The less of the oven you use, the less heat that will stay trapped in your home. You want to stay as cool as possible on those hot days and these meals will help you do just that. In addition, you will enjoy healthy nutrient rich meals that will fill you and give you the energy you need for the rest of the day- all you mommies and daddies know what i’m talking about!

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I’ve categorized the meals into 3 separate categories…

1.Easy Summer Salad Options

2.Easy One Pot/ Pressure Cooker Meal Options

3. Easy Stove Top Meal Options

4.Easy Grilled Summer Meal Options

I’m hoping this list will make it easier for you to pick the one you feel like eating on that specific day!

This convenient list of easy no bake summer meals will fit into your summer meal planning and you will be able to stay so much cooler during those hot summer months. Not only that, but you’ll be saving a couple dollars because you won’t be using the oven nor will you have to spike up the AC unit to keep it cool.

Let’s get right into this awesome list of easy no bake summer meals you can start planning on making today!

easy no bake summer meals

Easy Healthy and Tasty Summer Salad Meal Options:

1 Chinese Chicken Salad

It’s got the protein and the veggies all served on a homemade salad that you will absolutely love! Easy is a plus with this recipe!

Easy no bake summer meals

2 Smoked Salmon Salad

A yummy combination of smoked salmon, cucumber, kale, avocado, sesame seeds and more! A healthy combination of omega 3’s and protein!

Easy no bake summer meals

3 Vermicelli Salad with Garlic and Lime Dressing

This blend of ingredients and spices is sure to win you over! It includes rice vermicelli and healthy yummy summer veggies and spices that give it a wonderful blend of flavors!

Easy no bake summer meals

4 Kale Feta and Watermelon Salad

Yes, we said it: watermelon! The perfect summer snack…and meal! Try out a new recipe and fall in love with this fun salad combination!

Easy no bake summer meals

5 Paleo Crispy Thai Chicken Salad

Combines apples and chicken into one salad for a sweet combination of flavors. Try it out today!

Easy no bake summer meals

6 5 Minute Southwest BLT Chicken Salad

Need an easy summer meal that takes less than 10 minutes? You’ve got it! Simple and healthy meal option with a southwest kick to it.

Easy no bake summer meals

Easy Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker Summer Meal Options

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

You’ll need an instant pot for this one. If you have one, this recipe is great- it’s easy and delicious!

Easy no bake summer meals

One Pot Cheesy Pearl Barley with Tomato

Easy pressure cooker meal option that is vegetarian. We love healthy around here- this is your go-to if you are a health nut!

Easy no bake summer meals

3 Instant Pot Shredded Chicken Burrito Bowl

A combination of ingredients in one single bowl that is easy, full of nutrients and so delicious! Have this meal ready for your family in no time!

Easy no bake summer meals

4 Instant Pot Coconut Chicken

Chicken, chicken and more chicken! Chicken cubes/tenders, chicken broth and coconut milk. Only 5 ingredients and 30 minutes of your time. Fun blend to traditional ingredients!

Easy no bake summer meals

5 Paleo Instant Pot Butter Chicken

Creative chicken combination with several spices including garam masala and turmeric powder. Serve with a side of rice. Definitely try this one out!

Easy no bake summer meals

Stove Top Easy Summer Meal Options

1 Shrimp Bibimbap Bowl (Korean Rice Bowl)

Shrimp, mushrooms, soy sauce…have I convinced you yet? Simply made using the stove top. If you like seafood, try this one out!

Easy no bake summer meals

2 Easy Pizza Sub Meatball Italiano

A CLASSIC. Such a simple meal that is so full of flavor and easy to make! I bet your kiddos will love this one!

Easy no bake summer meals

3 Zuchini Pasta Shrimp with Avocado Basil Pesto

Into Zucchini? Try out these zoodles the next time you make an easy summer meal! Healthy and so yummy!

Easy no bake summer meals

4. Chicken Mango Summer Rolls

Mango and chicken in one roll with a pea-nutty dipping sauce. Sounds like a great summer meal!

Easy no bake summer meals

5 Authentic (quick) Italian Tomato Sauce for Pasta

Feeling like Italian? Try making a simple tomato sauce and pouring it over a simple bowl of your choice of pasta. This sauce is easy to make and sure to become a favorite!

Easy no bake summer meals

Whole 30 Mongolian Beef

Here is a beef option for those that love red meat! Delicious meal option for summer that does not require the oven.

Easy no bake summer meals

7 Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos

Feeling like Mexican? Try these simple quinoa and black bean tacos your family will love!

Easy no bake summer meals

8 One Pan Broccoli Cashew Chicken

Healthy proteins, including cashews, in this recipe that is simple to make and cooked over the stove top! Try it out!

Easy no bake summer meals

9 Vegan Jamaican Jerk Chili with Mango Salsa

Summer chili! Yummy vegan option that anyone can make over the stove top. Try it out!

Easy no bake summer meals

10 The Best Kid-Approved Homemade Sloppy Joe

Delicious flavor and kid-approved. You can serve it on flatbread, rolls or hamburger buns. If you’d like a homemade bread option for the sloppy joe, look at our 15 best homemade bread options.

easy no bake summer meals

Grilled Summer Meal Options

1 Sweet Balsamic Salmon Kabobs

Grilled, marinated perfectly and a great summer option for dinner! Try them out!

Easy no bake summer meals

2 Grilled Chicken BLT Salad with a Bacon Balsamic Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese

Grilled chicken included in this salad combination which adds to the flavor and makes it an original choice for a summer meal!

Easy no bake summer meals

3 Korean BBQ Flat Iron Steak with Gochujang Marinade

Steak, grilled and the perfect marinade to go with it! A future family favorite!

Easy no bake summer meals

4 Easy Homemade Avocado Burger

Delicious homemade burger that will satisfy your avocado cravings and offers both indoor or outdoor grilling options. This meal absolutely qualifies as one of our easy no bake summer meals.

easy no bake summer meals

…We hope you enjoy every one of these easy no bake summer meals!

easy no bake summer meals

Thanks to all who participated in the roundup post!

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easy no bake summer meals

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