Easy Kid Friendly Dinners

Kids will be kids. They are picky eaters and sometimes you just have to hide their veggies in their meals for them to get something healthy into their growing bodies. This is one reason I chose to compile a list of easy kid friendly dinners to help out!

I’m always trying to find ways to get my kiddos to eat a little healthier. It’s impossible to completely hide sugar and carbs from their diet because this world is full of those things but there are ways to get them some more veggies (and have them love those dishes).

It takes some practice finding the one recipe that they will be ok with eating, and especially figuring out how to hide their veggies in that specific dish.

How can I sneak in healthy foods for my kids?

Something I love making for my kids are different type of smoothies, where I sneak in spinach. Here are some smoothie options with sneaky veggies in them!

You may also consider trying out a healthy or even a gluten-free meal delivery service to help to make sure your kids are getting the nutrients they should be eating, especially at dinnertime. Food delivery services also make your meal-planning and your life a lot simpler.

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On our list of fun dinners below, some of the options hide awesome veggies and nutrients into kid-friendly dishes!

Better yet, these recipes are FUN to make with kids! When dinner time rolls around and you’re tired and just looking for a quick fix of a meal…

How do you include kids during dinnertime?

Make a fun activity out of it- you will both enjoy quality time making these recipes!

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So, if you’re looking for something to make that your kiddo can eat for dinner and especially something that he/she will love, come back to this post and save some great recipes for you and your kiddos to make together.

Here’s the list of easy kid-friendly dinners your child will LOVE:

easy kid friendly dinners

List of Easy Kid Friendly Dinners/Meals:

1 Cheesy Macaroni Tuna Casserole

The traditional mac n’ cheese that kiddos love with a twist. Add some peas and tuna and you’ve got yourself an awesome kid-friendly nutrient-filled meal!

easy kid friendly dinners

2 Easy Low-Carb Pizza Chicken Skillet

Kids LOVE pizza, so give it a twist with this easy chicken skillet! This way, they will be getting less carbs, and a nutrient-dense meal full of calcium and protein.

easy kid friendly dinners

3 Mini Muffin Corn Dogs

A not-so-healthy-approach to dinner with a kid, but plenty tasty and plenty fun to make! Your kid will love these little guys.

easy kid friendly dinners

4 Pizza Bagel Bites

Yet another fun alternative to a pizza. Instead of ordering in some pizza for dinner, make an easy pizza bagel and have loads of fun while doing so!

easy kid friendly dinners

5 Pumpkin and Black Bean Taquitos

Do your kids love taquitos? What about beans?  Do they hate beans? Try this flavorful taquito that not only includes healthy beans, but also hide them with a bit of Pumpkin flavor. They would be fun to make together and would encourage healthy eating for your kiddos.

easy kid friendly dinners

6 Vegan Rainbow Vegetable Tortilla Wrap

Colorful vegetables, hummus and tortillas make a great meal. Have your kid make them and THEN eat them. Makes it 10 times more enjoyable and they will be getting a lot of healthy nutrients from this recipe!

easy kid friendly dinners

7 Pizza Meat Muffins

Yummy ground beef and muffins all rolled into one! Great option for easy kid friendly dinners! Kid-sized muffins make it easy to eat and enjoy this savory dish!

easy kid friendly dinners

8 5 Ingredient Turkey Sloppy Joes

If your kid loves meat and/or sloppy joes, they have got to try this one out! Turkey is a great alternative to beef and what’s best is, this recipe is only 5 ingredients! So easy!

easy kid friendly dinners

9 Creamy BBQ Pulled Pork Spaghetti

A casserole is easy to make and this one blends amazing flavors that your kids are sure to love! The spaghetti makes the casserole a hit with kids!

easy kid friendly dinners

10 How to Make Easy California Rolls (Sushi without Raw Fish)

Yummy, easy, fun to make with kids and a great dinner recipe! If you’ve never had sushi and even if you love sushi, this is a fun recipe to make! Bonus- No raw fish makes it safe for all to eat!

easy kid friendly dinners

11 15 Minute Mexican Pizza

Mexican pizza is similar to pizza in the fact that it looks like pizza, but the ingredients used are totally different. Get your kids excited to put together a pizza full of beans, salsa, cheese, a meat(can be chicken) and other ingredients all on a Mexican tortilla! Fast, easy meal! Yum!

easy kid friendly dinners

12 Easy Weeknight Toasted Ravioli

Fun (and new) way to make raviolis. Make it a creative activity for the whole family!

easy kid friendly dinners

13 Easy Spinach Manicotti

Hide in those greens in this delicious manicotti recipe! Your kids will enjoy filling the manicotti with ricotta cheese. Yummy dish full of protein and spinach.

easy kid friendly dinners

14 Dan Bing Taiwanese Breakfast Crepes

Make breakfast for dinner with these fun crepes. Gluten-free, protein packed option for dinner that is fun to prepare.

easy kid friendly dinners

15 Keto Grilled Salmon Kabobs

Put together some easy kabobs for an easy kid friendly dinner and call it a day. Your kids will love putting these together! Perfect replacement for meat and still full of juicy protein!

easy kid friendly dinners

16 The Best Kid-Approved Homemade Sloppy Joe

Homemade, full of delicious flavor, meaty goodness and your kiddo can put together their own sandwich. My kiddo loves these and I hope yours will too!

easy kid friendly dinners

Now that you have the list of recipes for easy kid friendly dinners, try one out and have fun doing it. Your kid will enjoy it even more when they make the recipe with you. Have fun!

easy kid friendly dinners

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