22 Favorite Granola Bar Recipes

Looking for that 1 tasty, irresistible snack that will satisfy your cravings? Well, we’ve got 22 favorite granola bar recipes to pick from! These granola bars are a top-notch snack to consider when needing a snack to fill an empty stomach.

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I get it, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect granola bar snack that satisfies all your needs. Sometimes you want chocolate, and other times you want healthy, or  how about…quick and easy? We’ve got a variety of options to pick from on here.

How do I make gluten free granola bars?

Most, if not all, are gluten-free recipes (for those with gluten-free sensitivities). Anyone can enjoy gluten free options whether they are gluten intolerant or not. In fact, I’ve tried several gluten-free options for recipes that were amazing!

Keep scrolling down to find the best gluten free granola bar recipes!

not only are these granola bars gluten free but they are also homemade, and I promise they will be 100 times better than those you will find at the grocery store.

Trust me, there’s nothing like a homemade snack. One where you know EXACTLY what goes in the recipe and what you’re taking into your body every time.

Kid friendly granola bars?

Yes! Absolutely!

These snacking granola bar options also make wonderful kid-friendly snack options- you get to pick which to share with your picky eaters.

Trust me, I’ve been there. My kiddos are wonderful, but they can get picky!

Look through the yummy list of options and pick the one that’s the right fit for you and for your kiddo!

From gluten-free, baked, to no-bake options.

From triple chocolate to healthy.

We’ve got it ALL here for ya.

What’s best is all favorite granola bar recipes are located in 1 spot. That’s right. You can refer back to this post as often as you’d like to find that 1 perfect recipe every. time.

You can always change them up! Make one the first week and another the next- these are all wonderful recipes inspired by amazing cooks and bakers, so use these to help you plan out your snack routine each week!

Categorizing our 22 favorite granola bar recipe options…

I’ll start out by listing the 11 no-bake favorites(for those that like to avoid using the oven). That could possibly be me in the middle of summer in hot Texas. Wink. Wink.

Lastly, i’ll list the 11 baked granola bar favorites!

Let’s get cookin’!

favorite granola bar recipes

No Bake Granola Bar Favorites:

1 Our first option for no-bake granola bars is the No Bake Cereal bar in 10 minutes. It’s fast, its healthier than those found in the grocery store and best of all, its delicious! You can include chocolate, raisins, or nuts, making it a diverse option to include in your day. Try the recipe out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

2 Looking for a slightly healthier option? Check out the No-Bake Cinnamon Apple Energy Bars. These are filled with apple. dates, cashew butter and flaxseed. A healthier you means a happier you, so if these healthy bars sound appealing to you, try them out! And remember, they are easy to make as well!

favorite granola bar recipes

3 Now, if you’re looking more for an on-the-go breakfast option, you need to try the No Bake Breakfast Granola Bars. Don’t have time to cook every morning? Then these babies are your go-to’s. Prepare them the day before and you’ve got yourself a wholesome breakfast the very next day! Filled with seeds, rolled oats, honey and with a hint of coconut, these lovelies are sure to satisfy your morning craving. Try this recipe out today!

Favorite Granola Bar Recipe4 White chocolate makes for the perfect dessert, at least we think so. But it can also make for an amazing granola bar recipe option! If you want sweet, yet still part healthy then try the No Bake Cranberry White Chocolate Granola Bars. The mix of cranberries and white chocolate give it the perfect combination of flavors. Top it off with healthy oats and honey to make the best no-bake-dessert-tasting-yet-still-healthy-snack-option-out there! Try this recipe out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

5 Did someone say, peanut butter?? This next option includes a blend of peanut butter, chia and healthy everything. These bars are sure to please the healthy-minded chia lovers and satisfy all peanut-butter lovers. The No-Bake Peanut Butter Chia Bars are up! Drizzled with dark chocolate to perfection, you are sure to be amazed! Try the No-Bake Peanut Butter Chia Bars today!

favorite granola bar recipes

6 Just want a simple no bake chocolate chip granola bar recipe? Like the delicious ones you find in the grocery store, only 100 times better? Then check out the No Bake Chewy Chocolate Chip Muesli Bars. These bars do include dark chocolate, butter, flaxseed, coconut sugar, honey, and quick oats- to name a few of the ingredients. If these sound like your snack, try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes7 BLUEBERRIES. They are yummy and full of healthy. If you love them too, or want to sneak a few in your kid’s next granola bar snack, you’ll want to check out the Blueberry and Cacao Nib No bake Muesli Bars. These are healthy-minded and even include flaked quinoa and cacao nibs. What’s not to love? Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes8 These Peanut Butter No Bake Granola Bars are SO simple and SO healthy. Key ingredients being: peanut butter, oats and honey with add-ons of course. You’ll want to try the peanut butter no bake granola bars because tasty and healthy could not be said any louder. Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

9 This next amazing no-bake granola bar option we have for you is the one-and-only Chewy No-Bake Rainbow Chip Granola Bars. They include colorful rainbow chips-sure to please the kids! Easy to make, simple instructions and colorful aesthetic, you’ll want to try them out!

favorite granola bar recipes

10 Simple yet delicious, these Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are sure to please! They are not baked and they contain chocolate. What’s not to love?  Try them out!

favorite granola bar recipes

11 Triple chocolate Granola bars here we come! These no-bake bars include nutella, enough said. Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

Baked Granola Bar Favorites:

1 The Cashew butter Granola Bars are so healthy and delicious. Simply a must-have when you are looking to satisfy your craving with a healthy snack! Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes2 These next Chewy Granola Bars have a little of everything! From honey to corn syrup, coconut, chocolate chips, cranberries, and more you can’t go wrong trying out these granola bars! If you’re ready for a granola bar mashup these are your go-to’s. Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

3 The Homemade Peanut Butter Granola Bars are exactly that. Homemade, healthy and they include peanut butter. Dates included in this one as well-the perfect healthy snack option for you and the littles! Want to try them out? Look at recipe link for a photo! 

4 The Blueberry Coconut Chewy Oat Bars bring in that blueberry flavor and combine it with banana! Yum! They are healthy, vegan and gluten-free as a bonus! Try them out today!

5 More of a nut kind of person? Try out the Loaded Nut and Seed Granola Bars. No chocolate in this one, just lots and lots of nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds include almonds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Delish! Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

6 If you’re looking to go super healthy and stay gluten-free, look no further than the Fruit and Nut Energy Bars. These energy bars are full of healthy nutrients and minerals. Loaded with seeds, dates, banana, you are sure to feel a natural energy boost after snacking. Try them out!

favorite granola bar recipes7 The Homemade Gluten Free Granola Bars with Pistachio, Cocoa and Cherry are simply just that. Hearty and delicious in every sense and sure to please cocoa lovers. They are baked and can be prepared the day before, so you can enjoy them as a snack the very next day! Try them out!

favorite granola bar recipes8 Now there are a lot of peanut butter bar options up here but I had to include this next one because it combines chocolate,coconut and peanut butter- and who can say no to that? Well, I guess if you don’t like coconut then these are not for you. I, for one, love coconut so make sure to try out the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Homemade Granola Bars! 

favorite granola bar recipes9 The Super Healthy Granola Bar recipe is loaded with all kinds of fruits and seeds that will truly make you feel healthy while snacking! Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes

10 Any white chocolate lovers out there? This next Gluten Free White Chocolate Cashew Granola Bars are gluten-free and yes, they include delicious white chocolate. Yum! Try them out today!

favorite granola bar recipes11 Banana Date Granola Bars. A power-boosting, healthy and simple granola bar snack that will have you coming back for more! Topped with a final drizzle of chocolate, these bars are sure to become one of your favorites! Try them out!

favorite granola bar recipesHave we given you enough yummy  favorite granola bar recipe options to consider? Are there more or different granola bar recipes you were hoping to find as you read through the post?

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Let us know in the comments below!

**A big thanks to all who participated in this favorite granola bar recipes roundup!

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